About Gutsy Ninja

What we do and who we are



We work with companies of all sizes, from big brands to ambitious startups. As a team, we have a shared desire to gather rich user insights and create beautiful products and customer experiences.

In the beginning

From the start, we quickly became established as product innovation and software consultants in the gaming industry. We worked on many interesting projects before we founded Ninja Lotto, an innovation in the lottery space.

A pivotal moment

While developing our own products and services, we soon realised how crucial it was to build websites and products with a strong focus on customer feedback. That's how our User Testing venture started.

User Testing at gutsy ninja

Having determined that user research needs to be a fundamental part of the decision making process, we now help companies grow their own products through User Testing. Our commitment to research continues to enhance and complement our client projects.

Meet The Team

John Doe

Aris Capellos

CEO & Founder

Aris is a lean software practitioner and entrepreneur with extensive experience in agile development environments. He has led product development teams at companies such as HMRC, Capgemini and Unibet before founding Gutsy Ninja.

He believes building great software is about fearless communication between business and technical teams.

Josh Thompson

Pooja Capellos

Chief Product Officer

Pooja has a driving passion for creating beautiful, innovative products that customers love. Previously, she was a product consultant with News UK and prior to that has led product and design teams of various shapes and sizes at Unibet.

She strongly believes that success belongs to those companies that leverage user research as part of their decision making process.

Mary Jane

Kriti Nandwani

Head of Product & Research

Kriti ensures that Gutsy Ninja's clients get the most value from the user research. She also informs Gutsy Ninja's marketing strategy and communications. She helps companies discover the importance of user experience and usability testing.

She has previously had marketing and project management positions at both Betclic and Macmillan.