Case study: IGT

Specialising in gaming, lottery, interactive and social across 100 countries and 6 continents, IGT is one of the world’s leading end-to-end gaming companies.

Research Objectives

The online casino aspect at IGT is an integral part of the company’s core offerings, developing some of the best-known slots such as Cleopatra, Pixies of the Forest and Da Vinci Diamonds.

With the surge of new suppliers over the years, IGT wanted to maintain and grow their prominence in the market. Taking a proactive approach was key, and IGT knew they needed to focus on having a customer centric marketing strategy.

By gathering feedback from their customers directly, IGT wanted to ensure their marketing strategy that was aligned with their customer needs and expectations. They also wanted to get an evaluation of their current offering and understand how they compare to competitors.

The main research questions for IGT were:

  • What do IGT customers think of their current marketing strategy?
  • How do IGT compare to their competitors?
  • How can IGT improve their marketing strategy in the future?

We used Gutsy Ninja to help us formulate our marketing strategy for the business and improve our existing customer relationships. The data was extremely valuable and we have used it all the way up to the board level to shape our business decisions and have decided to continue working with Gutsy Ninja on a continuous basis.


Anna Mäkelä

Head of Player Marketing International, IGT

Our Approach

In order to tackle questions this broad, Gutsy Ninja created a fully customised research plan to provide IGT with rich customer insights. The best method for this was one-to-one, in-depth interviews as this would provide candid, unbiased feedback with extensive detail.

In order to hear from IGT’s customers in a comfortable and convenient environment, Gutsy Ninja travelled out to different locations across the globe. This helped speed-up the process for IGT and ensure a quicker turnaround on the findings.

After gathering the insights from IGT’s customers, this data was then analysed and evaluated, generating trends and insights from the evidence produced. This was then compiled in to a concise report, and presented back to IGT.

Impact & Results

Through the findings gathered, IGT gained a deeper understanding of their clients perceptions of them. They discovered a need for a more personalised approach with clients, which has resulted in improved relationships and increased client satisfaction.

IGT were also able to gather feedback on how they ranked amongst their competitors. This helped them understand how they could gain prominence in the market.

The evidence-based results have armed IGT with added confidence to make changes and tailor their roadmap based on operators’ feedback.

Based on the results achieved, user research within IGT has gained momentum, with the team realising the benefits of carrying out frequent research studies. By continually validating their concepts, IGT can provide their clients with meaningful offers and experiences and avoiding propositions that don’t resonate well with their clients.

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