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Find out about slot players’ habits, preferences and what factors are needed to make successful slots in today’s increasingly competitive market.

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We’ve analysed the preferences and behaviours of more than 1,000 online UK slot players to reveal trends that have huge implications for slots suppliers and developers. The report delves into differences between players depending on volatility, gender and age amongst other factors.

This indispensable report will give you all the insight your company needs to understand how the slots market is shaping up and what players truly want.

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What Do I Get?

You get a detailed report on casino slot players, written by our experienced insight experts, which will arm you with winning strategies.

You really don’t want to miss the first ever comprehensive report focusing purely on online slots and player preferences – including:

  • Players’ favourite features in the main game
  • Most popular Free Spins features and how to make a Free Spins round exciting
  • Top 15 slot themes including the breakdown by gender, age and volatility
  • The influence of the Covid-19 Pandemic on slot player behaviour
  • Designing appealing visuals, animations and characters
  • The importance of sounds in slots and why players turn sounds off
  • Player habits and preferences (volatility preferences, stakes & spend, device preferences, the popularity of streams/videos, factors influencing game selection… and much more)
  • Player likes and dislikes in relation to the Megaways feature
  • Players’ favourite Bonus Games in slots
  • Strategies for designing intuitive gameplay

How Can I Benefit From This Report?

  • Make key strategic decisions backed by solid player data
  • Use this report to confirm or challenge your current and future slot roadmaps
  • For suppliers, insights from this report will enable you to have more productive sales meetings with operators
  • New to designing slots for the online market? Take advantage of the insights presented in this report to guide your game designers and developers

How Much?

The report is £2,995 (Excl. VAT) for over 100 pages of insights and recommended strategies. The report is informative, yet concise and visual including easy to read lists and graphs.

The report is based on a sample of 1,040 online UK casino slot players plus additional insights from our in-house casino slots research experts.

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