With our range of methods, we’re confident we can help you gather detailed, actionable insights

When it comes to how you should test, there are several solutions available. It all centres on your research aims, time constraints and your budget. If you have something specific in mind that isn’t listed here, get in touch with us.

What We Do

Whether you’re building an app, game, website or something completely different, we’re certain we have the right method to help you gather crucial user insights.

User Research Benefits

Save time, money and help ensure a successful launch

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Place the customer at the heart of the design process, to build something they will love

Minimise Risk &
Development Cost

Get it right the first time by hearing from your customers before you even start development

Speed-Up Decision Making

Testing early and often can help your team prioritise what really matters to users


Why should I involve Gutsy Ninja?

We are a team of highly experienced, award-winning, user research experts. For several years, we have been helping clients make their research projects a reality and providing them with relevant and crucial user feedback.  

With our extensive experience, we are able to help you through all aspects of a user research project. We can provide full guidance, recommendations and support to those that need it, or simply offer the practical solutions for those who know exactly what they want. Whether your team is too busy, lacking the exact skill set or you just need an independent perspective – we can help you to conduct vital user research.

Will user research save me time and money?

Yes! Conducting research can help provide you with insights that save you time and money. Whether its user feedback on a prototype, market research or analysing the competition, these methods can help you build a product that’s more closely aligned with customer expectations – the first time. There’s no need to waste development time and money on ideas that aren’t quite right, that then require fixing further down the line.

Pressman found that for every dollar spent to fix an issue during design, you would need to spend 10 dollars to fix this in design, and 100 after release. Finding these issues early is crucial to saving you money and time.

Also, not only will research help to prevent poor user experiences, it can also help create intuitive, helpful, and enjoyable ones. When users interact with a product they enjoy using, they spend more, tell their friends, and keep returning. We can help you find the gaps in a user’s current experience with your products and help you create experiences that users will love.

How long does a round of testing take?

This will depend on the scope of the project, and also on the research method that you want to use. Expert reviews may only take a few days to complete however market research may take a couple of weeks to complete in full.

Whatever project or method you have in mind, we are flexible and able to adapt to your needs and deadlines. Get in touch with us if you have any particular deadlines or time constraints that you’re concerned about.

How much does a research study cost?

The cost of user research will vary depending on the method that you want to use, and the scope of your research project. It’s important to consider that testing will actually save you money testing early and save your company from significant development costs later on.

At Gutsy Ninja we believe that any user research is better than no research. The simplest of projects can have a substantial impact on your overall user experience. Because of this, we try to make it as easy as possible for anyone to be able to gather insights from their users.

Whatever your research project, we can adapt our services to your budget constraints. For the best services based on your time, budget, and design constraints, get in touch.

How will user testing increase my conversion rates?

Using your analytics as a base for the research project, we will select the research method most appropriate to uncover the reasoning behind your analytics. We will uncover the ‘why’ behind your analytics and help you to understand your users’ behaviour.

We will help you to see where your customers are getting frustrated and what is preventing them from completing tasks. After uncovering this, we will then produce a report with recommendations to help you improve conversion rates.

I’m planning a new site, what should I do?

If you’re planning a new website, app or update, you should carry out testing to see what users really need. Through testing, you can validate the ideas you have and ensure the project successfully engages with the users.

It’s important to find out customer expectations and how they currently use the solutions already available to them (or what they would want one to provide). Often times you will uncover things you had not considered or see the same problems in a different way. Overall, you end up with a greater understanding of your end users and how you can build a product for them, with an experience they will love.

Why should I get an ‘Expert Review’ if it involves no users?

Sometimes you may not have the time or budget to run a test with real users. An expert review will provide detailed, rapid feedback that combines our UX knowledge and user research experience, so you can still gather feedback when a user test isn’t possible.

Running an expert review before conducting another round of testing can also be a fantastic way of solving the obvious, ‘low-hanging fruit’ issues that our experts have seen become blockers during research sessions. This means that you can then find other issues and improve the experience even further through another round of research with actual users.

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