Expert Reviews

Our team of experts can deliver fast and insightful usability feedback, either as a round of research before user testing or as an alternative when budget and time restrictions prevent this. 

Why Should You Conduct An Expert Review?

An expert review gives you detailed, rapid feedback that combines our UX knowledge and user research experience, so you can still gather feedback when a user test isn’t possible. An expert review provides you with:

  • Rapid and insightful feedback across your product, from our experienced UX experts
  • Focused findings that analyse blockers and frustrations for the end user
  • A detailed but easy-to-consume report highlighting key issues, with prioritised recommendations

How Does It Work?

Depending on what you want to find out, this process may differ slightly. However, the overall process will roughly follow the same steps:

  1. We work with you to discuss the objectives and main focus of the review. Here we would find out any key areas that you want to gather feedback on, and any limitations in changes that would help guide our recommendations.
  2. We conduct the research. We review your product, focusing on the experience of the end user and any blockers they may have. Multiple experts will review the product to ensure objectivity and a balanced perspective.
  3. We collect and analyse our findings, before generating a visual and detailed report. This is easy-to-consume, actionable and contains prioritised recommendations. This helps you to easily see areas of improvement and where to make changes.

When Should You Conduct An Expert Review?

There are two main use cases for when we would suggest an expert review. The first is as a preliminary round of testing, before gathering user feedback. This allows our experts to find significant issues that will impact the end user. Finding these ‘low-hanging fruit’ issues first means that in the user test, the participants spend more time focusing on other aspects and giving deeper insights.

The second use case would be when there are budget or time constraints that prevent you from being able to run a user test. Here, an expert review would be a perfect way to gather feedback and insights. Drawing on our expert’s experience and knowledge, you can see how your product may not meet user expectations and needs, without the restrictions that a user test may have.

One of the benefits of our expert review is the turnaround. Much quicker than other methods, this enables us to be flexible and provide you with feedback when you think it may be impossible.


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