Market Research

Find out more about your potential or current users and how you can address their needs. By gathering insights directly, you can be sure you’re building a product with an audience.

Why Should You Conduct Market Research?

Market research is a crucial tool for understanding your users expectations, behaviours and preferences. This can be vital in forming the foundations of a new product or update/iteration. Our market research provides you with:

  • Deep insights into your market of interest and potential/current users
  • A detailed and easy-to-use report that highlights key insights and statistics
  • Full-length videos and highlight clips for all interview-based methods

How Does It Work?

Depending on the aims of your research, the method used may differ between projects. However, the overall process will share some similarities:

  1. We work with you to discuss the objectives and participants for the research. Our specialist partners then recruit according to your individual criteria. Alternatively, if you have a panel of users you want to test with, we can use these for the research.
  2. We conduct the research. This stage will differ between projects and insights can be gathered through surveys, discussion forums, focus groups or interviews. This will depend on the balance of research constraints and the best method for the project.
  3. We review and analyse the findings from the research. After this, we provide you with a concise report focused on the research objectives.

When Should You Conduct Market Research?

We would recommend running market research at the beginning of a project, to help inform design decisions and ensure there is an audience for the product you are creating. It can also be useful to conduct market research before launching significant updates or region-specific content.

To make it as easy as possible to gather the insights you need, we can gather market insights from participants through a variety of methods that fit your time and budget constraints. We also conduct research internationally and remotely to ensure we reach the people who you need to hear from.

Multiple rounds of market research is a great way of keeping your ‘finger-on-the-pulse’ of the market you operate in, and ensures your vision is always aligned with that of your customers. It’s a great tool to help shape development and generate new ideas and one we believe is fundamental to successful products.


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