Persona Generation

Personas can help you to see the different types of individuals within a market or help bring your current users to life. Personas are crucial in ensuring development is focused on a real audience.

Why Should You Gather Personas?

Personas can bring your statistics to life and help you connect with the people you are developing for. They ensure that content is relevant, purposeful, and developed with a specific audience in mind.  Our Persona generation provides you with:

  • Deep insights into different behaviours and preferences from your audience
  • A detailed and easy-to-use report highlightsing seperate personas that make up the market
  • Concise persona ‘one-sheets’. These are easily shareable, one-page profiles

How Does It Work?

Depending on what you want to find out, this process may differ slightly. However, the overall process will roughly follow the same steps:

  1. We work with you to discuss the objectives and participants for the research. If you are investigating your own audience, we can use these for the research. Alternatively, if you are assessing a new market, our specialist partners then recruit according to your individual criteria.
  2. We conduct the research. Gathering information based on your objectives, we find out information that we then use to form the personas. This varies slightly but is often based on a user’s motivations, personal information, experience levels and goals when using the product.
  3. We review and analyse the findings gathered. Here we look for similarities and connections between responses. This enables us to produce groups of people with shared motivations and goals. From these similarities we then proceed to make personas. After this, we generate a concise report and the one-sheet profiles.

When Should You Generate Personas?

As soon as possible! The sooner you have personas, the sooner you will be able to develop more relevant, useful products for your audience. This can lead to better engagement, retention and satisfaction. Gathering personas from a market you are about to enter can also be a great way to help guide development.

To make it as easy as possible to generate personas from the audience you care about, we conduct research both internationally and remotely to ensure we reach the people who you need to hear from.

Personas are something that should be kept up-to-date, so you can be certain you have a current understanding of your audience. They should continually evolve and gather more depth as you learn more about your customers. Running additional rounds of persona generation, or rounds that focus on specific aspects of your existing personas are a great way of keeping your ‘finger-on-the-pulse’ of the market you operate in, and ensures your vision is always aligned with that of your customers.


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