Usability Testing

One-to-one research that enables you to see blockers and issues across the user experience. Improve your products by placing the user at the heart of the design.

Why Should You Run A Usability Test?

Usability testing helps you to find out what your users want and how you can meet their needs. By placing your product in-front of potential users, you can gather crucial feedback to improve your user experience. Our usability tests provide you with:

  • Real-time user feedback. See how users navigate and interact with your product in real-time
  • Deep insights and findings across your product, including prioritised recommendations
  • Live-viewing of all sessions, as well as full length videos and highlight clips

How Does It Work?

The specifics of each usability test are unique and tailored to your project. However, the overall process is based around the following steps:

  1. We work with you to discuss the objectives and participants for the research. Our specialist partners then recruit according to your individual criteria. Alternatively, if you have a panel of users you want to test with, we can use these for the research.
  2. We conduct the research. Using one-to-one interviews where users interact with your product, our moderators elicit unbiased responses from the participants. Here we gather user feedback on usability, enjoyment and understanding, among other things.
  3. We review and analyse the findings from the sessions. After this, we provide you with a concise and actionable report. Detailed but easy to consume, these reports contain prioritised recommendations, video highlights and participant quotes.

When Should You Run A Usability Test?

We recommend conducting usability tests early, to avoid wasted development time and money. However, even late in development or when your product is live, its always useful to hear from users and find out what isn’t working and how you can improve.

We know it can be tough to find the time to conduct research. To make it as easy as possible to gather feedback, we offer both face-to-face and remote usability testing. Also, we work with international partners to conduct research over-seas. This combination ensures that you hear from the most relevant users to your product.

In an ideal world, multiple rounds of quick feedback help provide balanced insight throughout development. Post-launch, usability testing helps to guide the next iteration and consistently innovate.


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