The Next Normal: Reset For Growth In A New Era

Businesses had to make sudden and sweeping changes to the way they operate in 2020, heralding a new way of working for most.

Those changes have impacted in widely diverging (and often unexpected) ways, with the lasting effects upon companies and their employees difficult for them to gauge.

Now is the time for a more considered and informed approach to adapting to a new era.

Beyond basic systems for keeping remote employees connected, it is vital for companies to address the increased challenges of:

  • Effective leadership
  • An environment for innovation
  • Employee collaboration
  • A positive work culture
  • Team building
  • Training/Coaching
  • Recruitment & Onboarding new employees

Gutsy Ninja can help you create more tailored responses to new and evolving workplace challenges

Employee Experience & Insight

Getting detailed and actionable feedback from your employees is invaluable in helping to guide organisational improvements.

Equally, it is critical for employee engagement and work effectiveness that they understand you both care about and address their opinions and concerns.

Asking your people for their opinions helps build trust and demonstrates to them that they are being supported in both their work and well-being.

Working from home or adapting to a new work environment can impact us all in terms of:

  • Focus
  • Purpose
  • Career growth/aspirations
  • Positivity
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Work/Life balance
  • Social connection

Gather rich and detailed feedback from your employees to guide your business development

Setting A New Course

Gutsy Ninja are helping businesses by identifying areas they need to address to meet these new challenges, while supporting their employees in a personalised and meaningful way.

We start by discussing objectives with you and identifying the most appropriate departments and employees to include in the study, depending on your requirements.

We will then arrange and undertake a series of remote one-to-one employee interviews with those people.

These usually take no more than 1 hour each and our moderators ensure that the feedback we gather is unbiased and robust.

The interviews are designed to uncover the new issues and challenges that they face or anticipate, plus their opinions and ideas on how the business can adapt and advance.

This can incorporate:

  • Work environment and routines
  • Clarity of direction
  • Managerial support
  • Communication with colleagues
  • Business pressure points
  • Work/Life blend

We can also include any prospective plans for new structures or ways of working to gauge reaction before implementation.

The world of work has changed – new ways of working require new ways of listening

When analysing and proposing actions, we make sure to identify the specific experiences and needs of different job types, departments, or seniority.

We’ll then analyse our findings, before providing you with an action orientated report detailing all of our learnings and what changes you can make for 2021.

Although comprehensive, your report will be visual and easy-to-consume, including relevant participant quotes.

Please contact us to find out how Gutsy Ninja can help you take an employee-centric approach to transforming your business and thrive in the ‘next normal’.

Michael Butlin

Michael Butlin

Product and Marketing Consultant / Gutsy Ninja


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