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Research is a crucial step in improving the services that your university can offer. Save time, money and increase engagement.

  • Make your websites, portals and marketing material more appealing to prospective students and staff. 
  • Gather the thoughts of students searching for new universities. What influences their choice? How can you interest them?
  • Learn the difficulties that current students/staff face and how they want to see these issues fixed.
  • Test new software/services with your real staff members and see their reactions in real-time. Potentially saving thousands!

If you’re not sure where to start – don’t worry! We’ll help you to build the right project based around your objectives, criteria and time/budget constraints.

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“We wanted to improve our university’s website but didn’t know where to start. Gutsy Ninja helped to guide us and create a plan that met our research needs. I would strongly recommend having a chat with the team as a first step to see how they can help”

– Anna P., Marketing Manager,
London-Based University