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6 Reasons The iGaming Sector Has Taken To User Reseach

The iGaming industry is more competitive than ever before. Success belongs to those that continue to create experiences that delight customers. Historically, companies haven’t always fully understood the tangible benefits that User Research can bring to their bottom line.

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IGT Turns To Gutsy Ninja To Validate Marketing Strategy

IGT selected Gusty Ninja to implement User Research into their process and with the success achieved, IGT have been further inspired to carry out a series of in-depth studies. The evidence-based results have armed IGT with added confidence to make roadmap changes.

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User Experience: The Power Of Distraction

There are many things you can assume when presenting your product to the world, but that’s exactly where companies go wrong. Assumptions are the biggest downfall for so many organizations, who fail to fully understand how their prospective customers think and behave.

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User Testing: It’s Not You, It’s Me

According to Forrester, 97% of websites fail at user experience, effectively alienating customers everywhere. In today’s world, every second counts for online customers. With better access to data and limited attention spans, customers expect more.

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